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Our Farm

Our rose varieties are carefully selected to meet individual market requirements . From harvesting, post-harvest treatment, pre-cooling, grading and packaging our experienced quality control team ensures that only flowers of the highest quality reach our customers. We ship daily to guarantee fresh and quality roses to our customers.

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The farm is supported by 2,500m3 of cold storage, 315 KVA power grid, 200 KVA power backup, 5 dams with a capacity of 1.4 million m3, weather-controlled steel greenhouses, centralised fertigation and a good road network. Other facilities include medical clinics, staff houses, grading halls and a robust transport system.



Once a variety is selected, we graft and propagate plants in our own nursery with a capacity to propagate enough flowers for one hectare. Our professional propagators ensure only the highest quality plants are selected to grow in our greenhouses.



We grow our flowers in covered greenhouses on both soil and hydroponic systems. We use the latest technology to fertilise and nourish our roses. We also ensure good crop husbandry and internal growing conditions to control pests and diseases.

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From harvest flowers undergo grading and processing in our pack-house. The roses are defoliated, sorted and bunched according to size and sleeved according to customer specifications. The graded roses are then stored in a cold room at 2°C before being packed, labelled, and transported to the airport for export.

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